Even you can participate in the historic reenactment of the duel of Barletta!
June 27-28-29 Genazzano, an antique medieval hamlet in the Rome countryside, will host the Palio di Brancaleone. Enjoy the marvelous historic event where participants dress in typical medieval costumes and reenact Brancaleone’s famous duel of 1503 which involved 13 Italian cavaliers and 13 French cavaliers dueling to the end on the plains of Trani.

Following the was between the French and the Spanish (supported by the Colonna family’s army) the duel was fought as the two groups contended the possession and the division of the Kingdom of Naples. After the battles, some Spanish and Italian soldiers were imprisoned by the French troops. During their imprisonment the captured prisoners were invited to a banquet where the French jeered and accused the Italians of being cowardly. After the heated discussion they decided to resolve the dispute with a duel between the 13 best cavaliers from each side; if the Italians won, they would have returned to them their weapons, their horses and their freedom.
Prospero and Fabrizio Colonna organized the team of Italian duelists, selecting them from the best and most valiant cavaliers. Among those chosen was a man from Genazzano, Giovanni de Carlonibus also known as Brancaleone.
The duel took place in a fenced-in area and each battle array was in a horizontal line and was expected to perform a forward attack with their spears positioned and ready.
At the beginning of the duel the French cavaliers charged toward the Italians, who decided to employ a strategy and stayed still awaiting their adversaries. When the French had almost made contact, the Italian cavaliers suddenly opened their line. The French, not expecting to miss their targets, ran past the Italians and into the fence. At this point it was easier for the Italians to disarm their opponents and win the duel.
If you’d like to experience this exciting duel, just come to Genazzano during the festival on June 27-28-29, 2014 and walk into the chivalric ambience of the 1500’s in the midst of the Rome countryside. The duel will take place on June 29, 2014 at 5:00pm in the Piazza Emilio D’Amico in Genazzano.
June 27, 2014
5:00pm Opening of the historical reenactment: life in the village, medieval fair with merchants and antique crafts and trades, medieval tavern for wayfarers, encampments, medieval games, entertainment soldiers, stilt walkers, fire eaters.
9:00pm  Historical reenactment of the signing of Genazzano’s statutes of 1379.
10:00pm Historic night-time procession and representation of the fire at the castle of Genazzano and the rebellion of the townspeople against the siege of the Orsini.

June 27, 2014
4:00pm Cavaliers game of the ring
5:00pm Medieval merchant and artisan fair
6:00pm Archery demonstration
8:00pm Cavalier’s Dinner*
*Reservations for dinner: 333 44 61 61 6

June 29, 2014
10:00am Parade in renaissance costume in the hamlet of Genazzano accompanied by flag throwers and trumpeters. Oath of allegiance of the 26 cavaliers.
5:00pm Duel of Barletta
East of Rome, in the heart of the countryside, in the territory of the Monti Prenestini is where you’ll find this small charming medieval hamlet.