A.D. 1364 – DIES IN CASTRO OLIBANI 17-20 JULY 2014

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Dive into the past with a festive historical re-enactment from the year 1364 with Dies in Castro Olibani during July 17-20, 2014 in Olevano Romano.

WHERE: Olevano Romano (Roma)

WHEN: From July 17 to July 20, 2014

One of the most beautiful hamlets in the countryside near Rome fills its cobblestone streets with townspeople and craftsmen who relive the life of medieval times.
dies-foto-2-001Visitors are emerged in a medieval atmosphere where they can enjoy the authentic experience of life in the past where the ambiance, costumes, traditions, antique trades and crafts of the “castrum” all demonstrate how daily life once was in the medieval hamlets of Italy.

The year that is re-enacted, 1364, was the year that the Olibani statutes were published. This is a code of regulations which, along with the successive codes in 1430, 1581 and 1587, testifies to the various legal phases which have shaped the way of life of this community.

Based on a careful study of the Olibani statutes it is possible today to reconstruct the ambiance, customs and traditional attire; every detail of the celebration has a historical and documented foundation. Each year the organizers of the event have done their best to reproduce each historical detail with precision so that the participation in the festival is truly like stepping into the past. They found old damascus blankets and fabrics to use for the noblemen’s clothing, they cleaned out cellars and attics and found abandoned tools and furniture to recreate old-fashioned settings and artisan workshops, they researched typical recipes according to centuries-old farmers’ traditions, and sorted through the contents of antique hope chests.

In addition to the re-enactment of yesteryear, this three-day event also offers special forms of entertainment, art exhibits, shows and fun for the entire family. The most important moment of the festival is represented by the historical procession which is held in the evening.


Each year the proceeds are all given in charity to cover the expense of the renovations of the beautiful Church of Saint Margaret.

Where is Olevano Romano?

East of Rome, in the countryside, 50 kilometers from the capital.


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